When it comes to dating, the same few images often come to mind. There are romantic dinners and bouquets, as well as putting on your best clothes to impress the other person. Good morning texts, casual picnics on the weekend, and meeting each other’s friends are also things that we associate with it.

All these may seem fun, but dating is a bit different when you’re a highly sensitive person, or an HSP, for short. These individuals are sensitive and experience life more intensely, which means they tend to have deeper connections with others, especially their romantic interests.

With this in mind, here’s what dating an HSP is like.

1.        Good Communication is Non-Negotiable

HSPs are usually regarded as individuals who “feel too much and too deeply” than most other people. Their physical, mental, and emotional responses are more acute, which is why situations they don’t wholly understand leave them reeling with confusion and inner turmoil.

When dating an HSP, keep in mind that your moods will affect them too, so brooding, shutting them out, or failing to give them a proper explanation will cause them great emotional distress. Not only will their stress levels shoot up drastically, but they’ll also start drawing their own conclusions, often coming up with the worst-case scenarios.

Pro Tip: Avoid leaving your HSP partner guessing by communicating with them directly

2.        Physical Touch is Amplified

The nervous system of an HSP processes external stimuli deeper and more intensely, which means that they’re more sensitive to physical touch. For instance, they’ll become irrationally bothered by things like a scratchy clothing tag or fabrics with unusual textures. They may also feel overwhelmed when bombarded with foreign sights, smells, and sounds.

On the flip side, this increased sensitivity means that sensual and passionate touches affect them more powerfully. A simple massage may bring your HSP partner into a trance-like state, while hugs and cuddles will satisfy them to no end. Their erogenous zones are also more responsive than the average person’s, so expect them to be more sexually charged during intimate moments.

Pro Tip: When touching an HSP, start slow and gentle to avoid a sensory overload

3.        Even the Smallest Things are Noticed

The majority of HSPs are introspective and like putting their feelings under a microscope. This extends to other people too, and they may find themselves constantly analyzing the microscopic changes in their partner’s body language and tone of voice.

Dating an HSP means putting up with their tendency to notice everything, right down to the smallest details. They won’t be satisfied until they feel like their analysis is spot-on, which means that there may be times when they succumb to an overthinking spiral. It can be frustrating when this happens; however, remember that this is often the only way they can feel secure in a relationship.

Pro Tip: To prevent your HSP partner from overanalyzing, learn their triggers

Final Thoughts

Dating someone who’s highly sensitive is undeniably challenging, but the relationship that you’ll get out of it will be nothing but fulfilling. Check out the next article to gain insight into what a romantic relationship with an HSP looks like!