HSP during Covid

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hsp during Covid

The current coronavirus situation affects our lives in many different ways. For highly sensitive people, it can mean enjoying the comfort of staying at home. But it can also bring challenges, such as increasing levels of stress, depression and anxiety.

We can also worry about our own emotional responses to stress, which can damage our self-esteem and mental health.

But by using all the skills and strengths of a highly sensitive person, such as creativity, empathy and appreciation of beauty, we will get through this difficult time.

  • Limit watching or reading negative news items and enjoy more positive information.

If you feel you have to stay informed, don’t dive deep into tragic or painful stories at the moment and make sure you have a balance with lots of uplifting, positive stories. Remember eight positives to neutralise one negative? You have to soak up eight positive stories for every negative one. There are also many beautiful things happening in the world, and many uplifting stories! Don’t forget that part!

Limit or drop out of social media, or only spend time on sites that don’t stress or scare you at the moment. Focus on growing and positivity so you can be your best self you can be.

Allow yourself some quiet time

I find it especially soothing to listen to music in the morning, instead of rushing around or talking to people. Even the chatter of the morning programmes on the radio stations can be too loud for me, so no radio for me, but my own list of music that helps me start my day calmly.

Other people often like to talk to others to start their day, but HSPs may find it better to take their time in the morning quietly listening to music, meditating, or writing in a journal. Starting your day with quiet time and soothing music gives you time to just breathe.

hsp during Covid

Be creative. Use the time you have during social distancing and self-isolation to express yourself creatively

Write, paint, draw, cook, design, garden. HSPs need to process our thoughts and feelings. And we need to feel like we are making a difference.

Our constant absorption of sensory information from the world around us often makes HSPs very creative individuals. Only when you get creative do you discover how much your subconscious has absorbed.

  • Accept yourself

HSPs have stronger emotional reactions than other people.

We feel emotions deeply and think about things intensely. And that is not a bad thing.

We often feel different from other people because we are more sensitive and process things more deeply, and social isolation has not changed that.

Many people try to connect with others online through social media, video and instant messaging, but this can be more stressful for HSPs. Even if we work at home, we can still be overwhelmed by the constant pinging of messages.

We need time alone, and quiet time. But we also need meaningful conversations. We need time to process our thoughts and emotions and this is often something that others don’t understand, making us feel that there is something wrong with us, that we are not able to ‘have fun’ like everyone else. 

Accept your feelings, even the difficult ones. Don’t try to bury them. Instead, find ways to express them, such as writing in a journal or diary.

As I already mentioned, music helps me to relax and if I notice during the day that I already have a lot of stimuli to deal with, I take a 15min break, put my earphones in and listen during this break to Positive healing music like this Positive healing music – cleansing your chakra , while closing my eyes and focusing on my breathing.

Do you know someone who could use these tips? Then be sure to share this with them!

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