A highly sensitive person (HSP) experiences life on a more acute level, thanks to an increased central nervous system sensitivity to external and internal stimuli. This means that they tend to “feel too much and too deeply,” which can be challenging if they’re in a romantic relationship with an average person.

The term was first coined in the mid-1990s by a pair of psychologists named Elaine and Arthur Aron. Our understanding of HSPs has increased since then, although several misconceptions remain. According to the Verywell Mind website:

“It’s important to remember that being an HSP does not mean that you have a diagnosable condition. It is a personality trait that involves increased responsiveness to both positive and negative influences.”

Understandably, it can be hard to comprehend this heightened sensitivity, especially if you don’t have it. If you’re in a relationship with an HSP, though, then here are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that everything goes smoothly:

1.        Honesty Becomes a Top Priority

There are many advantages to pursuing a romantic relationship with an HSP; however, their tendency to overanalyze things may be frustrating to a partner. Even minuscule changes in body language or one’s tone of voice are enough to set them off on a spiral, which is why honesty must become a top priority for the two of you.

Lies may be damaging in any relationship, but their impact on an HSP can be more catastrophic. It won’t be unusual for your partner to start overthinking if they catch you bending the truth, regardless of how good your intentions were or how small the deception was. For them, the truth should always out there, even if it’s painful.

Pro Tip: When in a relationship with an HSP, tell the truth, no matter what

2.        Stability is a Must

HSPs thrive on stability and security, which is why petty and childish games will only turn them off. This may force you to be blunt and direct at times, but they see this as more appealing than so-called romantic tests like intentionally making them jealous or acting aloof to get them to chase after you.

Their need for stability also means that HSPs thrive on a steady progression in a relationship. Whether it be working on your flaws or participating in a hobby together, they’ll push you to constantly grow with them.

Pro Tip: Ensure that the relationship dynamics aren’t changing too quickly

3.        Deep Conversations are Essential

There’s nothing that HSPs despise more than small talk. These individuals hate conversations that revolve around the weather and other mundane topics since they believe these to be superficial and somewhat fake.

Instead, HSPs love mentally stimulating discussions where they learn something new about themselves or their partners. Don’t be afraid of opening up and telling them about your dreams, aspirations, and fears. Not only will they appreciate it, but it will also bring the two of you closer together.

Pro Tip: When dating an HSP, don’t hesitate to show them vulnerability

Final Thoughts

Navigating a romantic relationship with an HSP may come with hurdles, but the time and effort you put into overcoming these will mean a lot to your partner. But if you’re having trouble doing so, then check out the next article for some expert-recommended tips!