Who’s behind all this?

About me
Let me start very cliché:

Hey, I’m Bianca, single mother of 2 adolescents of 16 and 18 meanwhile and because I’ve been a single mother for 17 years, I’ve been swimming through a lot of water (for those of you who are counting: yup, I was still pregnant with the youngest one when I became a single mom).

Struggles with heights, but still a lot of deep lows that kept coming back, until I barely recognized myself.

How could the once so cheerful Bianca, who always said that life was beautiful, who didn’t pass up a chance to make a silly joke, not see the beauty in life anymore and not get a joke out of her mouth?

Luckily I still had just enough energy to find myself again and yes, that too went by trial and error and has been a very long journey of more than 10 years to get back to where I am now.

Because this took so long, I have been angry more than once over the years. The questions: “Why haven’t I come across this before?” or “Why am I only finding this information now?”, are questions I have asked myself more than once.

And let that be my biggest Why? to share my knowledge I’ve gathered over the years and since I also know, from my own experience, what it feels like not to be able to get certain information because you’re short of cash (because your children need new shoes, you know), I’m going to share most of my knowledge with you through articles, so that these are accessible to everyone.

I am a diehard believer of passing it forward and if you have any suggestions for an article, let me know so that I can get started on putting the information out that you need.

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